Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well I got through the biopsy, uggghhh, that was a very uncomfortable thing to do.  The doctor was awesome though, very honest, took her time explaining my other test results and the procedure.  Apparently my uterine lining was over 21mm which is extremely thick – a normal uterine lining is half that much and someone in menopause should be even thinner than that, so it is a problem.  She also explained what the possible results and the likely treatments will be.  It wasn’t totally a surprise since I had spent some time researching.  I’m not bothered by the idea of a hysterectomy, I obviously have no plans to have children, but really any surgery seems a little scary, and there is never a good time to do this, and even will all of the reassurances – if it does come back as cancerous – that does freak me out a little.  The best news – more than likely, even with a confirmation of cancerous cells, I would only need a hysterectomy and no chemo or radiation.  Peter has been amazing, he is so patient and we talk about all of this.  We have decided not to tell anyone else until there is some ‘actual’ news to tell.  Having Peter here to reassure me is so great – I do worry about him, he has had such an ugly history with cancer, I know this freaks him out a bit too – even if he acts like he is handling it just fine.  I am grateful to be going on vacation next week.  I think a chance to just get away from all of this will be wonderful.  Peter has been so sweet, I have been asking for ages to go kayaking in San Diego, they have a cool guided trip to these sea caves and I am soooo psyched to see them.  I know kayaking isn’t really Peter’s thing, but I just love it, so I am really looking forward to that.  Anytime at the ocean is excellent – I think the ocean has magical healing powers for your soul.   What started as a boring summer with no real plans became a very interesting summer with lots of plans and interesting developments.  Oh well, I learn something new each day!

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