Thursday, June 28, 2012

Still No News - just impatiently waiting

Starting with the extremely happy news - I finally don't have to literally run to the bathroom every hour!  My bleeding has slowed waaaaay down, now it’s more like the lighter days of a normal period – a little more than spotting but nowhere near the chaotic and frustrating pattern of earlier in the week.  I cannot believe I went through an entire box of super-plus tampons in 4 days!  The not as fun news is that I still haven’t heard anything from the biopsy, this looming potentially scary news is just hanging in the air, but I guess I can be grateful for the crazy bleeding – at least it gave me something else to focus on.  We are heading home today and I am actually happy to get home.  I have had so much fun – despite the crazy misadventures of a mean-spirited uterus, but it’s always a good feeling to get home.  In the mean time I am going down tot he pool - YES I said pool!!!! becasue I can go down with just a tampon and stay for an hour or two - I am so happy about that.  Having all this craziness really does help me to appreciate the little things.

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