Friday, June 29, 2012

So what exactly does normal mean?

I got the phone call finally, and rather than make me feel better - it added even more stress and confusion.  The doctor's assistant said the results came back normal (and I can only guess that means no cancer, since having all of these precedures is anything but NORMAL).  Then she says if I am still having bleeding issues that I should schedule an ablasion or a D&C.......what?  Now I am really freaked out, what is the difference, why do I want these, what about the hysterectomy, just cuz there's no cancer now - is there still a chance of developing it later?  I'm just trying to understand all of the options - I DONT want to continue on hormones.  I am still bleeding....and cramping....and scared.
So now I have an appointment to come in and talk with the doctor........I sure hope she has some answers

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