Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book Review of Once in a Blue Moon by Ken Christopher Ping

I got a free copy of this book from the author for my honest review.  This book was an interesting collection of three short stories.

The first story 'Of Sand and Castles" was a sad tale about twin brothers finding their own way in the world, I have to be honest this one was my least favorite of the three. The story explored the conflicting emotions of the two brothers, each seeking approval from their father the king.

The second story 'The Mothers Day Gift' was a sweet tale about love and devotion, where a small boy learns he was adopted and wrestles with this knowledge, but ultimately comes to understand what real love is.

The final story "Once in a Blue Moon' was an interesting fable type story, giving a rationale of why we have a blue moon based on a character named Rainbow and her desire to help a young couple find love. It was strange to introduce new characters into Greek god lore, and in some ways I feel like this story missed the mark, combining Cupid & Aphrodite as if they had no opinion of their own.

I enjoyed reading the stories, but the writing was a bit stiff and formal at times. While there was no connection between the three stories, the author has an interesting point of view and I really enjoyed the romantic feeling of all three stories, especially 'The Mother's Day gift' and its wonderful expression of selfless love.

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