Saturday, February 8, 2014

Remote wars - the Epic Battle

There is a civil war that rages in every house in America & our house is no different - Who will get to the remote first? 

If Peter grabs the remote then I can be assured of ESPN coverage, a bad sci fi movie (one with aliens, not the really bad earth is ending B rated movies that I love to watch and laugh at), or anything with guns and loud gun fighting scenes (which includes war movies, westerns, or mobster movies).  If he can't find anything on the regular channels that grabs his interest, he will watch a recorded episode of Smallville.  I don't understand his obsession with that show, but he just loves it.  When all else fails - it is guaranteed that he will put Avengers in the DVD player, we have stopped counting how many times he has watched that movie.  He knows I will complain about his choices and I will try to grab the remote as soon as he leaves it unattended. 

If I am lucky enough to grab the remote first, we will be watching Project Runway (and yes that includes Tim Gunn's new spinoff version), or the Biggest Loser (but I am not happy about this year's winner and if they don't make changes I won't be watching in the future), Revenge (I can't explain it but I just love that show - it reminds me of a tele-novella, the acting is awful and the story line is ridiculous but it is so addicting) or Parenthood (its just a good show).  He complains loudly about all of my choices too. 

We do agree on several shows; Modern family (I mean really, this may be the best show on TV), The Big Bang theory (obviously), NCIS (yeah, he got me hooked on it - now I love it too), The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (which is where we get most of our news) and of course any ASU sports. 

I don't know which shows your family can agree on - but it is important to have special shows that you watch together - it helps to have a cease fire sometimes in the Remote Civil wars. 

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