Monday, February 10, 2014

Getting started as a Freelance Writer

I am inspired by some of my favorite later-in-life authors, so I have decided to jump in with both feet to the idea of becoming a full time writer.
Getting started as a freelance writer is actually much easier and more complicated than I had imagined.  My first response to a Craig's list ad for content writers was accepted and I got my first real 'writing gig'.  It paid almost nothing - but to be honest I was just so excited to be a "PAID" writer that I did not care what I was paid. 
I began doing what I assume many others also do when considering jumping into writing, I started researching the do's and don'ts of writing.  Needless to say I was quickly overwhelmed. There is so much to think about when getting into writing.  Should I freelance and do short articles and blog posts or should I just focus on the fiction writing that I really want to do.  I have experience as a Non-fiction author (the eating disorder book) is that relevant to publishers if I submit fictional work?  See how quickly it gets crazy and overwhelming for a newbie. 
And then you have to consider marketing your 'brand'.  I have begun to work on my social media presence (making sure my profile on facebook, twitter and linked-in all have me listed as a freelance writer) which apparently is something very important to do.  I got busy working on my personal blog again (as I had been very inconsistent  with posting in the past few years) and I began sharing my blog posts on my facebook and twitter accounts when I published them.  I updated my list of publishing credits - to send to potential clients/employers.  I even ordered some business cards - as a just in case marketing tool (vista print was having a sale so for the mere investment of $8.00 I decided it was worth it). 
With all of this - I am still a bit overwhelmed, but it is an exciting sort of overwhelmed, tackling a new opportunity.  I'm sure I will make several mistakes along the way, but I expect that, and I am so excited to be going forward with this new and exciting challenge. 

oh and a BIG shout out to for the incredible pictures that I used here.  These pictures are such a positive influence on me and I hope you like them too.  She does sell these and many other amazing prints so check out her facebook page for details. 

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