Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olympics – the enduring spirit

There's just something about watching the Olympics.  I have to admit, I prefer watching the summer Olympic Games & it is harder this year because I am not a fan of Russia's social policies (on gays and many other things), but something about watching Olympics is irresistible.  We all especially seem to love the amazing stories of the athletes, how they overcame great odds and the sacrifices their families made.  It is hard not to be moved by the incredible athletes and their interminable spirit and tenacity. 

Anyone who has driven their child to practice or spent long weekends at a sports tournament can tell you that sports are a family affair.  Great athletes don’t just happen; yes, there are naturally gifted athletes but even they need training and support to grow into world class athletes. 

So far I have only watched a few of the events.  I love the sweet little 15 year old Russian ice skating phenom, Yulia.  She is incredible. Since when did ice skating become a team sport? Does figure skating really need instant replay?

 I'm not sure if I could even walk up the hill that the Danish & Swedish skiers raced up to win in the Skiathalon event (I didn't even know that was a sport).  I found this picture online of the skiers after they finished the race.  I felt tired for them just watching the race.
And I have to admit - I must be showing my age; what the heck is slope style anyway?  I don't understand any of the snowboard events, I feel like they are all speaking a different language.  Seriously, curling makes more sense. 

To all of the athletes from these games, I applaud your amazing spirit and dedication and drive.  Just competing you are all champions already. 

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