Friday, February 14, 2014

When the words are stuck in my head

Have you ever noticed how the words always seem to come so easily when you don't have a pen or paper accessible?  I am the most amazing prolific author when I am in the shower, words are swirling around in my head effortlessly, but when I finally make it to the computer I cannot recall the beautiful prose that came so easily in the bathroom. 

Another time when words flow with ease are those few moments in bed just before sleep.  My thoughts have clamed from the craziness of the day and I can hear the lines from my book in my head.  They are so clear and well stated.  I know some people like to keep a notebook and pen on their night table for just such an occasion. 

Many of the writing blogs I have read talk about keeping a notebook with you and handy, basically at all times, so you can write when the mood strikes you.  I think this is a fantastic idea.  I have found that there are times I am simply more 'in a mood to write' than other times.  Blending creativity with scheduled writing sessions has mixed results at best.  There is a great deal to be said for developing self-discipline, as anyone who works from home or sets their own schedule knows all too well, but sometimes the creative process is unwilling to follow a set schedule. 

It’s not only when I write, but also what I write.  Again creativity is a mixed blessing.  I love to come up with themes or story ideas.  There are so many possibilities.  I see a blank page as a wonderful chance to share any story I choose – but which one?

I have a tendency to want to drift back and forth among the different book ideas I have.  The biggest challenge for me is to stay on track with just one project at a time, I made myself write down a priority list of which book I will work on first, etc.  This is very important for me to help me stay on task and bring a project to completion.

I have been working hard at my 500 word a day challenge, I have prioritized my list of novel ideas, I have been faithful to work on my blog to practice my writing skills, but I still feel like a completed book is so far away.  Reading all the advice on editing my book and where and how to publish my book seem so distant.  

I am certainly not the first author to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and I am sure I won’t be the last – I just wish I could find a way to get the words from the shower to my pages.  

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  1. Hi Laurie, I am a writer too - or at least I am going through the same stages as you are with fighting to be one. I have your blog on my favorites page because I feel that we are very similar, it makes me feel as though I'm not the only one! I also have problems with having too many ideas and not concentrating on getting one project finished - I read so much online about people with writers block in the sense that their ideas are not coming to them - I even have a writers toolkit that helps you invent ideas - but I don't really have that problem. The ideas are in fruitful supply! Its getting them down that's the issue! Thanks for making me feel not quite so alone in this! If you ever feel the same, let me repay you - my blog is on!